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St. Louis
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Marti Report?
Original Transmission?
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4 Speed Manual
Body Style
Exterior Color
Nightmist Blue
Interior Color

Options (1969)

Factory Options (1969)
  • AM Radio
  • Tachometer
Back story.....I bought this barn find in 11/2011 and it has been a start and stop restoration since. The car was a drag car at some point. The lady I bought it from had been her everyday driver in high school in the early 80s. Her dad had fixed it up for her to drive. They painted the car from Medowlark yellow to a light blue, installed factory a/c and console. She believed he rebuilt the engine and transmission. She remembers the car having a steering problem late in her senior year 1984 and her Dad was going to work on it and just never did. She had bought an Escort for the gas mileage and just drove it instead. Her Dad never got around to fixing the steering ( bad tie rod) and so the car sat in the barn until he passed away in 2008. Her Mom sold the farm and she had the car towed to her garage in St. Louis.

I heard about the car in 2010 from her boyfriend and arranged to look at since she wanted to have it restored for herself. I had restored a couple of 69 Mustangs and Cougars so I new what it would take if she paid someone to do the work. I gave her an estimate of what a shop would charge. She was a little surprised. She also had a couple of other restoration places give her estimates and I guess I estimated a little low. She wanted me to restore it for her. I had never did work for anyone and did not want to since I have a regular job and flipped a few cars just for fun. I made her an offer to buy it outright, but she did not want to sell, but had nowhere near enough money to get it restored. She also believed the car to be worth 2x what I offered. I showed her how much the car is worth done minus how much to restore it and that's the number I gave her. 3 months later she called and accepted my offer.

I was thrilled. The 69 Sportroof was my #3 bucket list car and a BB to boot. I did promise her that when I was finished, if I did want to sell it I would offer it to her first. I will have to call her soon.

The car was a solid project. The floors, torque boxes and rear boxes were all original and solid. The car had been under coated very heavily. The fenders and door were I great condition just a little rust in the corners and lots of door dings. The hood was from a 70 Mach it had the orginal hood latches and Mach scoop but it had more bondo in it than I had ever seen so I bought a repop one, ford orginal tooling, very nice piece fit great. The bad part was the rear quarters. There was not a lot of rust but enough around the wheel arches and and lowers that since the outer wheel housings had been cut for big tires. So two new rear quarters that I did not anticipate having to replace which added a few dollars to the cost. I also had to replace the battery apron which was no surprise since that acid rots out those areas on a lot of the fords. The paint and body work were done by a friends body shop who has done a few of my cars. He is a half old car half new car shop. Which is good and bad. The good part is that new car repair work is profitable and it enables him to do old cars at a reasonable price. He only does a couple of old cars at a time and his guys enjoy doing work on the old cars in between the new cars. The problem is that new cars come first since they ar more profitable and sometimes the old cars get pushed to the side. If you know this, and I do, it is not a problem since he lets me pay for the work they have done not the work they are going to do. That way It keeps him motivated to work on it and me with cash to incentivize him. I did do a color change. The car was mead lark yellow which I just felt was not muscle car enough. I picked Night mist blue ( caspian blue) which was a color I saw on a 66 fastback and liked a lot. They painted it chroma base with clear coat. The hood scoop is for a Cougar, not as tall as the boss 9 scoop and wider that a Mach 1 scoop just to give it a different look. I also added a front and rear aftermarket spoilers. The louvers are aftermarket and do not screw into the sheet metal( just could not do it. Rather they go under the gaskets.

Engine...I did pull the engine and transmission thinking to freshen them up before putting them back in. The previous owner told me they were rebuilt, well in the years sitting the car was not stored the best and upon taking the engine apart it had been rebuilt but one of the Piston walls were bad so need to be resleved, so I decided to do a full engine rebuild. Had the heads redone for unleaded gas and a much hotter cam to unleash a few horsepower along with a new alum manifold. The C6 was in good shape according to my best friend and transmission expert, but he happened to have rebuilt toploader that was going to go into his Dad's car but his Dad decided to go with a t5 so what about putting the 4 speed in my car. Seemed like a great idea at the time and it is today but the 3 years in between not so much. FYI piecing together a 4 speed for a big block is hard and expensive. Oh yeah since the rear end is out might as well rebuild that also with a locker and 3.53 gears. The carb is a Holley 635 not stock the stock one was gone and the street avenger series is easy to work on. The exhaust manifolds were in good shape had them blasted and powdercoated. Installed a 2 1/4 new exhaust pipes and so flowmaster 40s.

Suspension...well it had drum brakes. I had done a disk brake conversion on my cougar and it made a world of difference. That was something that had to be done along with new brake line and new rear drum brakes. Since the rest of the suspension was old and some bent ( orginal problem with the steering, she hit something because quite a few pieces were bent) replaced everything and upgraded the sway bar to a larger one. The wheels are AR torque thrusts and 255/60/15 in rear and 225/60/15 in the front.

Interior....Since it had been sitting in a barn for all those years, it became a mouse house. The interior all need to be replaced. I new this opening the door you could smell it. Fourtunitly interiors are relitively inexpensive and easy to do so I recovered the seats and ordered everything else that was replaceable. All to the hard plastic were all good and just needed some good sem paint.

Electrical...I sent out the wiring harness and had it rebuilt there is a guy who will go through everything and repair all the old wiring and connections test everything and make it operate as new. I have used him before does a nice job and saves money over buying new and time since you know everything will work. I did upgrade the ignition to the Petronix which helps it start right up, along with the electric choke.

Misc....all the gaskets are new, the front windshield and door glass, all of the chrome pieces were replaced, along with the marker lights, door handles, window trim and drip rails.

As of 12/2015 the car is basically done. I am driving it some. I still have the Hvac to work on so the dash is out so I can get to all the hoses and wires. No ac, decided the factory ac that was added need too much to get back so may do a vintage air at some point. The car needs to back to the body shop for final panel adjustments and touch ups to the paint, wet sanding and such. I will need to install a radio and speakers. I ordered a new steering wheel since the one one it is very plain and I like the wood. I bought some Mach 1 wood gauges and clock panel and should look nice together.

The car runs great it is very fast and the 4 speed is a blast to row. I plan on keeping it for a while, four years is a long time to work on something and not enjoy it. I also have way more money in it than I had budgeted and it is not worth what I have in it but it is exactly the car I envisioned as a kid!


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